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Tovarna Valmar global

Valmar Global developed from the company Valmar, which was established more than twenty years ago. We produce and sell different ice cream making machines and confectionery machines. Our headquarters are in Slovenia, in the village of Dombrava situated approximately 4 km from the Italian city of Gorizia. The company’s infrastructure occupies an area of 14 000 m2, of which 2000 m2 are covered. Every day we dispatch a dozen of tested machines that can satisfy the needs of all ice cream makers - those that have only started their activity and those that already have many professional experiences.

The success of our products is based on results of many years’ technological researches that have been incorporated by our technicians into every component part. The materials employed in the construction of the machines are of high quality which is guaranteed by the major international institutions for quality control. Our technological, electronic and thermal solutions are innovative and among the leading in the international ice cream making machines production.

Pasteurisers with indirect heat treatment of tank in hot water (bain-marie) and machines for production of creamy ice cream with scraping at an angle are the leading products of Valmar Global.  Their solidity, reliability and simplicity of use make them the first choice of ice cream makers from all around the world.
Our existing offer is being complemented with multifunction devices for ice cream production and confectionery machines. Our last achievement are cream cookers intended for creative pastry cooks.

Valmar Global’s mission and vision are defined. We will always strive for the most advanced, clear and simple solutions for professional ice cream makers and pastry cooks.